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Just to let you know:  On October 29, 2015, I published The mysterious death of Ashley Wilkes.  That’s a collection of posts from my second blog, The Georgia Wasp.  That post is a bit more worldly, but just as entertaining.  (I hope.)

Some time earlier – back on March 3, 2015 – I published Volume 3 of my ongoing collection of these blog-posts.

That means the e-book versions of Volumes 1 through 3 are now available through Kindle eBooks.  (The image at right shows the “e-cover” for Volume 2.)  And aside from the electronic “Kindle” edition, these three volumes are also available in an old-fashioned paperback version, an example of which is seen below.

Volume 1 included my first 13 blog-posts, up to On “Titanic” and suspending disbelief.

The DOR ScribeVolume 2 began with On Jesus: Liberal or Fundamentalist?

It went on for a total of 12 posts and ended with On “Patton,” Sunday School teacher and On the readings for June 1.   (That last one was subtitled “On liberally interpreting ‘Sabbath day’s journey.’”)

To see more about Volume 3, check the post, Reflections on Volume 3.

In terms of formatting, the goal for the book version “post collections” is now to have about 72 pages, in the paperback format.  Another note:  While the e-book version will feature full-color images – like those in the Blog – the paperback’s images will be in “grayscale,” to save money for both author and reader.

And due to the difference in publishers – Kindle and Lulu – the paperback and e-book versions tend to have different covers.  For example, the paperback version of Volume 2 – seen above left – has a different cover than the dove-on-a-blue-background seen above right, but the contents of the two versions are pretty much the same.

So:  To get an e-book go to Kindle eBooks: Kindle Store and type in “T. D. Scribe” (the Scribe’s nom de plume).    To order a paperback, go to Shop Books – Lulu, and do the same.

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